aguichante asked: Yup, you are 100% fine and this post was very inspiring :>> thank you c:

kit harington & emilia clarke | vanity fair, april 2014 (x)

shadows-on-thestreets asked: Hi Lu! Just wanted to thank you for the post about youself because it's very inspiring and as I have this struggle to accept myself, seeing you being confortable with your look and yourself reminded me that I should stop being uncomfortable with my look, and all that shit. So.. yeah, thank you!! Also congrats for posting this and accepting your look ; bless you x

i am glad it helped you! reading this, gives me even more confidence in accepting me the way i am :) 

love yourself!! bless you <3

Anonymous asked: I think actually that Kieren is bi/pan in terms of canon, and as someone who's bi I think that's actually really great. I also don't know if you're aware but Dominic Mitchell has actually explicitly said that Simon is gay, so the writers aren't ignoring that part of the LGBT+ community either :)

OH! i am so sorry i didn’t know that :) okay! i was misinformed (or not informed at all i guess haha) thanks <3

but things like pansexuality and demisexuality exist, too, and those people also deserve representation :P

i absolutely agree!

BUT in this case it feels to ME that they chose this way as an excuse to not make him a gay character so the series reaches a wider spectrum of viewers rather than only a gay community/gay supporters. this way the writers could always make him fall in love with a girl/woman in future seasons and put it off as ’ wELL he nevAR WAS meaNT TO BE GAYYY HAHAHAA’ or something. 

but again: thats just my opinion.. and of course i am biased because i am straight but a huge huge supporter of gay rights and i ship Simon/Kieren to death <3

Anonymous asked: hi, i just wanted to let you know that i found your post about yourself very inspiring and i'm hoping that one day i will find peace within my own body as you have. so thank you for making that post.

if you found it inspiring i certainly did the right thing :) thank you and good luck! Everyone is perfect - the main thing to do is to stop focusing too much on your outer appearance because in the end it’s your inside that counts! No, literally! People will always remember what you said and what you did rather than what you looked like. you can be obese, pudgy, skinny or whatever body shape: if you’re an asshole, people will avoid you any way! :) face people with confidence and happiness and they will love you despite your body!

so this is me

look at my awesome bingo-wings! I have a lot of piggy belly fat, and apparently no thigh-gap! It ain’t that bad when i stand though.
LMAO compare my arm-fat to the size of my hand - woah!
and my butt ain’t a butt it’s a proper booty.

but you know what? i can’t be bothered. i seriously don’t give a shit because i think… well i think i am alright? i honestly think i am okay the way i am. people have called me fat, my own mother included but i look at myself and think: this is ‘fat’? This is what you call a fat body? wow… i don’t think i am fat. i think i am friggin pudgy and that’s okay.  but not fat! And certainly not ugly. i don’t mean to be arrogant but i would go as far and say that the curves i have fit me and my personality in a way that makes me pretty. like it’s a part of me. i am okay with my imperfections!

and if you think i am ugly, fat, obese, unhealthy, disgusting: well. i am really sorry for you and all the effort you put in pointing it out to me but i cannot be bothered. i don’t care. i think i am okay :——)

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to socrates, death was not a defeat, but a cure.

Luke Newberry in Dance For Me