When you take him to a crime scene, Jack, the very air has screams smeared on it. In those places, he doesn’t just reflect, he absorbs.

whenever someone asks me ‘where do you go for your summer vacation?’ and i answer with ‘hiking in the dolomites’ they seem kind of disappointed because it’s not something cool like Lanzarote or Greece or what not. 

but i have always been a child of the alps, the mountains, the wonderful alpine landscape and you wouldn’t believe the beauty of this place.

so while you are all suffering in the heat of some c-class beach at the Riviera or the boredom of a 5-stars hotel at the coast of creta i will enjoy this phenomenal landscape and you can all suck my dick.

Cersei Lannister + text posts 

Anonymous asked: northwest girls - say hi, villages - alpine, I'm into you - chet faker, drop the game - chet faker, shove it - santigold, I summon you - spoon, burning - the whitest boy alive :-)

thanks a lot - i am a huge fan of Chet Faker <3 thanks a lot!

Anonymous asked: Do you think I should do something for the experience even though I know I may get hurt? I know getting hurt is part of life and I want to learn and experience everything, but like I also don't want to get hurt. If this makes sense

depends on what the experience is? i am a person who thinks you should try out anything as long as you KNOW YOURSELF and can gauge if it’s the right thing to do for you OR if you can handle the consequences. 

cries-over-fries said: Utan dina andetag - carolina perez, arrows - fences, planets of the universe - fleetwood mac


Thank you all so so much for your replies! keep them coming!!! you guys rec’d me a nice variety of music from hip hop to indie which is great. thanks and feel free to rec more <3

avvorldalone asked: brooklyn baby - lana del rey a world alone - lorde girls - the 1975 arcade fire - ready to start the black keys - fever vampire weekend - step alt-j - breezeblocks

Thank you very much <3 i already know all the songs but thanks for the help anyway :)